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Teachers and educators are increasingly at risk more than ever to be subjected to an allegation of wrongful acts in the course and scope of their duties.

Our society has become very litigious. You could potentially face losing your entire life savings if a claim was to be brought personally against you.

AIM provides a solution to this issue that will allow you to protect and safeguard your personal assets. That’s why professional liability is a must for all educators. By purchasing an Educators Liability Policy, you have the ability to transfer your exposure to an insurance product. The insurance provider will be responsible to investigation and provide a defense in the event of a covered claim.

You may have noted that TASA Professional Liability Insurance Coverage for Superintendents was discontinued for the 2004-2005 school year. This happened because of the large number of school administrators who found themselves involved in expensive litigation.

TACS continues to make Professional Liability Insurance available to its Individual and Professional Members at a very low cost. If your school district is a member of TACS you and each of your employees can become an Individual Member and receive $1 million coverage for $55.00* per year.  If your school district is NOT a member of TACS, then the cost for Professional Membership is $85.00*. 

How do we keep this cost so low?
Our program is offered to all school employees. We have a large number of teachers who purchase the coverage. Teachers do not find themselves involved in litigation as often as administrators, consequently keeping the premiums lower. As an administrator, you can help keep premiums low by encouraging as many of your staff as possible to enroll in this program. Many of our member districts have obtained professional liability for all of their employees as a fringe benefit.

You may also enroll in this program online by going to the A.I.M. (Association Insurance Management) website at and filling out the online application. The online application accepts check by mail, online check, and credit card. 

*$55.00 cost includes $27.00 insurance premium, $1.34 taxes, and $16.66 TACS administrative and service fees.
*$85.00 cost includes $27.00 insurance premium, $1.34 taxes, and $46.66 TACS administrative and service fees.


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